Avem – Three Birds Stoned – LP


Avem, the self styled Ramonescore bird nerds from the idyllic countryside of Southern Ontario released their debut full length, Three Birds Stoned! Check it out! Killer Ramonescore, feathered!


A2 Rat Race
A3 Let’s Go Watching
A4 Mother Nature Really Sucks
A5 Keep You Safe
A6 Red Winged Blackbird
A7 No, Homo!
A8 Pre Suburban Paradise
A9 Happy Hummingbird
B1 Just Like Me
B2 It’s Such A Mess (I Don’t Know How To Live Like This)
B3 Snowy Owl
B4 Nigel
B5 Really Gotta Go
B6 Calling Card
B7 Martian Wren
B8 Rotten Egg
B9 Blue Jay
B10 Sing Every Day