Born Shit Stirrers – Lester – LP


Born Shit Stirrers is made up of U.K. ex-pats and Japanese locals producing a stirring bunch of up-tempo songs which, although melodic, are rough and ready around the edges. The band takes no prisoners in terms of targets for its songs, but in doing so it never labours the point, with less than half of the twenty-one tracks crossing the minute mark.

Released on great looking pink vinyl by Serial Bowl Records over in the UK!

A1 – John The Con
A2 – Bored Of Education
A3 – Politically Uncorrectable
A4 – Two Minutes Back In Hartlepool
A5 – Cup Ramen Poison
A6 – Cuntroach
A7 – Service With A Sigh
A8 – Two Faced Cunt
A9 – We Get It Already, You’re Vegan Straight Edge
A10 – Jun’s On Poppers
B1 – Old Punks Are all Cunts
B2 – The Tide Is High (And So Am I)
B3 – Marked Safe Pricks
B4 – Passive Aggressive II
B5 – Look Mam, No Bands
B6 – Smash Your Smartphone
B7 – Fuck My Fucking Life
B8 – The Worm
B9 – Paper Cut The Printer Cunt (To Death)
B10 – Kurosaki
B11 – Quack Like A Duck (GOAT And Your MOM)