Covert Flops – Mission: Implausible – LP


Brand new album from Indianapolis spy-fi pop punk outfit Covert Flops.

With songs about spies, conspiracies, lizard people, and matters of confidentiality, the song on Covert Flops’ sophomore album (Mission: Implausible) are clearly inspired by their day job. But there are songs about girls (girl spies!) and breakups as well.

A1 – Get Off My Case
A2 – Annoy Me
A3 – Over Being Over You
A4 – Spy School Dropout
A5 – KGB My Baby
A6 – Staten Island
A7 – Reptile
B1 – Monkey Brain
B2 – Agent 99
B3 – Redacted
B4 – Butterface
B5 – Blundercover
B6 – Lucy Is A Blockhead
B7 – 404 Not Found