Crummy Stuff – Never Trust A Punk – LP


“Never Trust A Punk”, the title-track video clip shot in 1998, is a photograph on the Italian scene of the 90s, featuring 100 musicians and friends. Crummy Stuff sold over 3000 copies of “Punk’s Not Sad”, their first record, and “Never Trust A Punk” followed it as their best record at the time, earning success with both fans and critics.

For its 25° anniversary, the band, with the help of StripedMusicCom, is releasing a limited edition of 300 copies, 180g LP, with refreshed artwork by Sergio Perrone and a new mix/master by Carlo Altobelli (Toxic Basement Studio).


A1 – Stand Up
A2 – Kids Are Happy
A3 – I Got The Monkey
A4 – Red Wine
A5 – I Don’t Care
A6 – 1947
A7 – Marijuana
A8 – You Pay I Play
A9 – Pusher
B1 – Cold Turkey
B2 – Breakfast Song
B3 – Screeching Queers
B4 – Little Daily Revolution
B5 – Stiletto
B6 – Good For Nothing
B7 – Kipling
B8 – Never Trust A Punk