Sold Out!

Dan Vapid & The Cheats – Self Titled – LP


The Guts take the direct, honest approach to playing music that is so often lacking in the fashion conscious punk bands on the magazine covers. They aren’t very pretty and they don’t move in all the right circles but they know how to write a kick-ass tune!

A1 – Torture Chamber
A2 – Baby Baby Get Over Yourself
A3 – Devo On Speed
A4 – Feeling Manic
A5 – Die Trying
A6 – Just Like Cleopatra
A7 – Beware Of The Fog
A8 – Good Enough
B1 – What Do You Wanna Do Tonight?
B2 – In A Heartbeat
B3 – Girl Group
B4 – I Just Wanna Be Happy
B5 – Ooh-La-La
B6 – Work Of Art
B7 – It Lives By Night