Even In Blackouts – ROMANTICO! – LP


After Screeching Weasel broke up 2002, founding member John Jughead Pierson formed Even In Blackouts as an “acoustic pop punk” band.
Their first new album in a decade!

A1 – Intro to ROMANTICO!
A2 – Pissing Poison
A3 – Doubt Part I
A4 – Doubt Part II
A5 – Blood
A6 – I Can’t Swim
A7 – The Denouncement
A8 – Grow Hole
B1 – Outro to ROMANTICO!
B2 – Intergalactic Space Travel
B3 – It Was The Good Times
B4 – Intention In Tension
B5 – Reason
B6 – It’s Not So Hard
B7 – Killer Bear
B8 – The Kindness