The Follow Ups & Dave Rocket & The Jobbers – Split – 7″


A good, old fashioned Canadian punk rock split single. Both bands are throwing down that snotty, Ramones-infused pop punk that I absolutely love. They each do two songs, the first of which is written by the other band’s leader, and the second track is acoustic. The Follow Ups have a rawer sound and their acoustic track had me thinking about the McRackins. Dave Rocket And The Jobbers go with a more straight-up Ramones approach, and do it well.

A1 – The Follow Ups – Just For Me
A2 – The Follow Ups – Love Letters From The Black Lagoon
B1 – Dave Rocket & The Jobbers – Hey Yo (Ballad Of Razor Ramone)
B2 – Dave Rocket & The Jobbers – Joey Did Acid