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Giant Eagles – Giant Egos – LP


Giant Eagles is a punkrock collective from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Marien Nicotine (ex-Apers, The Windowsill) together with Simon Speechless (Ragin’ Hormones, Lulabelles, ex-Accelerators) started working on songs as early as 2005. Together with Ivo Backbreaker (Apers, The Windowsill, Lone Wolf) and Ox Accelerator (Accelerators, Lone Wolf) they finally recorded a full length in 2013.
Expect 12 epic punkrock songs with heavy synths and lyrics about war, wolfs, wasting time and electric chairs.

A1 – In The Backseat
A2 – Total War
A3 – It’s Gonna Take Some Time
A4 – Heartbreaker
A5 – The Howl Of The Wolf
A6 – Rather Be Stupid
B1 – Got Stabbed
B2 – You Lied
B3 – 21 Bodies
B4 – Born To Follow
B5 – A Town Called Loneliness
B6 – Bye Bye Baby