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Goin’ Places – Save The World – LP


Staten Island’s Goin’ Places are back with their first album in almost a decade! ‘Save The World’ has 16 pop punk gems that are songs about a girl, songs that aren’t about a girl , growing up, friends and booze. This album is an instant classic and will surely get tons of love on your turntable.

A1 – Save The World
A2 – 4:04
A3 – I Don’t Know
A4 – This Song Is Not About A Girl
A5 – Listen To My Love Song
A6 – Across The Room
A7 – Lie
A8 – Another Blackout Night
B1 – Live Those Times
B2 – And I Want You
B3 – I’m Gonna Steal Your Girlfriend
B4 – Cell Phone Girl
B5 – Time To Kill
B6 – Message In A Dream
B7 – The End?
B8 – Recover