Griswalds – Beyond The Television Scream – LP


Since ’95 these three London amigos have been spreading the Ramones virus, and they have no intention of calling it quits. ‘Beyond The Television Scream’ is their newest full-length and contains 14 pop punk Ramonescore hits. Soon to be classics include Do The Zit, She Went Away and This Mess Of Emptiness. Orpington could be the new Queens, you know what that means.

A1 – Orpington ’95
A2 – She Went Away
A3 – The Dice Man
A4 – Final Destination
A5 – Do The Zit
A6 – Kissing And Television
A7 – High School Psychopath Pt.3
B1 – The Telphone Rings
B2 – This Mess Of Emptinesss
B3 – I Don’t Wanna Go To The Hospital
B4 – Long Haul
B5 – Escape From Alcatraz
B6 – Outside The Radar
B7 – I Heard The Sound Of My Brain Melting