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!!! PRE-ORDER !!! Groovie Ghoulies – Fun In The Dark – LP/CD


For the first time available in over 20 years, you’re looking at the reissue of one of the most popular, fun, and essential GROOVIE GHOULIES albums of all time. ‘Fun In The Dark’ was the Groovie Ghoulies’ fifth official full length studio album, originally released on Lookout Records. Produced by the legendary Mass Giorgini, it’s chock full of hits from the title track to the forever fave “(She’s My) Vampire Girl” to “She Gets All The Girls” (covered by Chixdiggit!) to “Have Your Way With Me” (covered by Nikki Corvette), etc. etc. Fully remastered by Mass Giorgini, with brand new cover art by Tom Neely. On transparent blue vinyl with black smoke!


Side A:
1. Carly Simon
2. She Gets All The Girls
3. Fun In The Dark
4. (She’s My) Vampire Girl
5. Lonely Planet Boy
6. Have Your Way With Me

Side B:
1. (She’s Got a) Brain Scrambling Device
2. Outbreak
3. The Spell Is On
4. Ivy Says
5. Laugh At Me
6. Let’s Go To The Moon
7. Don’t Make Me Kill You Again