The Hallingtons – Bop Til’ You Drop – LP


“Hop til’ you drop” is the long overdue debut album from the Hallingtons. After 3 Eps and a few digital releases the first real album is finally out. 13 originals recorded at Endless Tinnitus Studio in Oslo during the pandemic. 13 catchy pop punk songs with lots of back ups and harmonies and a crisp production.

A1 – Not Coming Back To You
A2 – Go Godzilla
A3 – Business Boy
A4 – Slaughterhouse
A5 – Your Boy
A6 – Out Of My Mind
B1 – Alien Girl
B2 – Figured You Out
B3 – Becky’s On E
B4 – Spinning Me Around
B5 – I Believe In UFO’s
B6 – My My My Mexico
B7 – Hallington Hop