!!! PRE-ORDER !!! – Hawaiians – Hula On Mars – LP


!! This is a presale and will be arriving shortly with the Spot McRackin LP which is due out from the Last Exit Music on May 22nd.

The 2nd record of german pop punk outfit ” The Hawaiians” now available on vinyl for the first time!

A1 – Intro
A2 – Hula On Mars
A3 – Wild Cat Stomp
A4 – I Wanna Have My Fun Today
A5 – (Move On Faster) Little G.T.O.
A6 – Hawaiians Wanna Dance
A7 – Just For You
A8 – Rock’n’Roll Overdose
A9 – My Baby’s Got Mystery Feet
A10 – Teeny Weeny Hop
B11 – Here Comes The Monkey
B12 – Do The Kangaroo
B13 – Vampire Girl
B14 – You Won’t Be
B15 – Waikiki Playbat Club
B16 – Blitzkrieg Rockin’ Doll
B17 – Travoltas Summer (I Don’t Wanna Go Home Tonight)
B18 – Mary Jane [Bonus Track]
B19 – Jetpack [Bonus Track]