Hawaiians – Hula On Mars – LP


The 2nd record of german pop punk outfit ” The Hawaiians” now available on vinyl for the first time!

A1 – Intro
A2 – Hula On Mars
A3 – Wild Cat Stomp
A4 – I Wanna Have My Fun Today
A5 – (Move On Faster) Little G.T.O.
A6 – Hawaiians Wanna Dance
A7 – Just For You
A8 – Rock’n’Roll Overdose
A9 – My Baby’s Got Mystery Feet
A10 – Teeny Weeny Hop
B11 – Here Comes The Monkey
B12 – Do The Kangaroo
B13 – Vampire Girl
B14 – You Won’t Be
B15 – Waikiki Playbat Club
B16 – Blitzkrieg Rockin’ Doll
B17 – Travoltas Summer (I Don’t Wanna Go Home Tonight)
B18 – Mary Jane [Bonus Track]
B19 – Jetpack [Bonus Track]