H.D.Q. – You Suck! & Hung Drawn & Quartered – Double LP


HDQ were one of the most influential and important UK Hardcore punk bands of the late 80s. Hailing from Sunderland the band were one of the first UK bands to openly embrace the US hardcore scene and members of the band went on to form the legends that are LEATHERFACE. The third and final part of Boss Tuneage’s HDQ reissue trilogy, “HUNG DRAWN AND QUARTERED/YOU SUCK” contains 30 tracks, clocking in at 2 seconds shy of 80 minutes, and compiles the bands original “Hung Drawn And Quartered”12” EP alongside debut album “You Suck”!

You Suck LP
A1 – You Suck
A2 – Grey World
A3 – I Will Not
A4 – Those Remembered Times
A5 – Have Faith
A6 – I Try
A7 – Trust
B1 – Positive Attitude
B2 – Redneck
B3 – Tombstones Of Blasphemy
B4 – Race Riot

Believe EP
B5 – Believe
B6 – There Comes A Time
B7 – Falling
B8 – Through My Eyes

Demo 1987
C1 – Love Alone
C2 – Race Riot

Demo 1989
C3 – Those Remembered Times
C4 – Just When I Thought
C5 – Through My Eyes
C6 – The Grass Is Greener

Relying On Us Compliation EP
C7 – Take Control

Hung, Drawn And Quartered LP
D1 – Ethiopia
D2 – Amalgamation
D3 – Suicide
D4 – Killer Love
D5 – Evilution
D6 – Genocide
D7 – Terrorist
D8 – Ethiopia II