J Prozac – Won’t Let Go – LP


This is pop punk executed very well. Helped out by two handfuls of friends, Prozac clearly had a lot of fun writing and recording these songs. None of the songs on Won’t Let Go feel forced or redundant. It’s a vibrant record full of energy, melody and diversity. Prozac effortlessly goes from full ramonescore (People I Know), to bubblegum pop punk (Regret, Building Blocks), to a ’90s Fat Wreckish sound (Won’t Let Go) and everything in between.


A1 Won’t Let Go
A2 For The World
A3 Regret
A4 Claustrophopic
A5 People I Know
A6 Days Go By
B1 Beat Of Our Hearts
B2 Building Blocks
B3 Here With Me
B4 Thirteen Days
B5 No Matter