James Sullivan – Light Years – LP


Based in London, James Sullivan is best known as the frontman of power pop trio More Kicks, as well as member of the multi-country pop group Suspect Parts (which also features members of Clorox Girls, The Briefs and The Shocks). ‘Light Years’ is his first solo album, recorded in his home studio during one of London’s various Covid-lockdowns. The album became a brilliant whistlestop tour of blitzed-out fuzz, paranoid drum machine twitches, stadium-sized reflections and lo-fi 60s pop nuggets, bringing to mind Paul Westerberg, Guided By Voices, and even some Velvet Underground in the opening track and lead single ‘Lea Bridge’.

Available on Red & Black Marbled Vinyl, Black Vinyl, and CD!


1. Lea Bridge
2. It Won’t Do You Harm
3. You Kept My Heart Alive
4. Getaway
5. Guided
6. Up To My Neck Again
7. Totally Bored
8. Man In Black
9. Get Our Sense Away
10. Cruel Trick To Play
11. In The End