Sold Out!

K7s – Mondo Bizarro – LP


Right on! K7s are back with a surprise release: The band recorded the Ramones classic “Mondo Bizarro” in full glory! Kurt Baker is Joey and Luis is CJ! The LP will be out on Stardumb Records and Family Spree Records on Fri. Feb. 26th 2021.

A1 – Censorshit
A2 – The Job That Ate My Brain
A3 – Poison Heart
A4 – Anxiety
A5 – Strength To Endure
A6 – It’s Gonna Be Alright
B1 – Take It As It Comes
B2 – Main Man
B3 – Tomorrow She Goes Away
B4 – I Won’t Let It Happen
B5 – Cabbies On Crack
B6 – Heidi Is A Headcase
B7 – Touring