Sold Out!

Komet – Self Titled – LP


Komet is a trio with members of Ponches and Antares. This is their debut album containing 13 killer tracks popped out with a new recipe (if you think that’s possible in this punk rock universe): just take a pack of punk rock, mix it with a cup of power pop and finally add one teaspoon of grunge (really?!?).

A1 – Grump
A2 – Glue
A3 – Electric Gurl
A4 – Pain Eternal
A5 – In Gloom
A6 – Indian Souvenir
A7 – Time To Kill
B1 – Raise A Smile
B2 – A Part From That
B3 – People Go Places
B4 – What Does It Mean
B5 – Lab Rat
B6 – September