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Lillingtons – Death By Television – LP


Lillingtons – Death By Television, a band and an album that don’t need any introduction. An absolute must have classic of the genre.

Nothing more to say with this one! An absolute classic!

A1 – War Of The Worlds
A2 – Don’t Trust The Humanoids
A3 – Black Hole In My Mind
A4 – I Saw The Apeman (On The Moon)
A5 – X-Ray Specs
A6 – Invasion Of The Saucerman
A7 – You’re The Only One
B1 – I Need Some Brain Damage
B2 – Codename: Peabrain
B3 – Phantom Maggot
B4 – Robots In My Dreams
B5 – Murder On My Mind
B6 – Caveman
B7 – I Came From The Future