Lone Wolf – Haze Wave – LP


With their unique brand of infectiously catchy indie meets post-pop punk, Lone Wolf have been building a name for themselves and recruiting fans everywhere they go in Europe and North America ever since forming back in 2016. They’re now presenting their third album, HAZE WAVE, via Stardumb Records on May 12.

The first single is ‘Begging Me’ and on the first notes of the album’s opening track there’s that instantly recognisable and unique sound that Lone Wolf have honed for themselves over the years. The sound is certainly familiar yet there’s a new polished edge to it that keeps things sounding wonderfully fresh. HAZE WAVE is the band sounding better than ever and, with tour dates planned in Europe and North America in 2023, there’s no better time than now to jump on the Lone Wolf train.


A1 – Begging Me
A2 – Ready To Break
A3 – Meet Me In The Middle
A4 – Stay Home
A5 – Easier Now
A6 – Too Many Reasons
B1 – Dark Times
B2 – Under The Stars
B3 – Don’t Wait Up For Me
B4 – Wide Awake
B5 – Terrible Heartache
B6 – Haze Wave