Matt Ellis – Full Moon Fever – LP


Full Moon Fever is an effortlessly cool record, it’s got that fast-paced Ramones style, the songs don’t even hit the 2-minute mark and they are made to be screamed at the top of your lungs. These songs are anthems and will leave you even more desperate to go to a show.

A1 – DMT Is Good For Me
A2 – My Neighbourhood Is A Dump
A3 – Flowers In The Moonlight
A4 – Monster Under My Bed
A5 – Poison Holiday
A6 – Die Tonight
A7 – Rat Fucker
A8 – Stay Home
A9 – Pig Head
B1 – All By Myself
B2 – Death Rattle
B3 – Life On Hold
B4 – Monkey Brain
B5 – It Stinks Like Shit
B6 – Missing You
B7 – Bad Day
B8 – Don’t Wanna Know
B9 – Walk Alone