McRackins – Wake The Fun Up – LP


June 30th 2023, Mcrackins will release ‘WAKE THE FUN UP! ’, their 17th full-length album on Mom’s Basement Records (USA) with distribution worldwide. Making this their first studio album since 2010’s critically acclaimed ‘It Ain’t Over Easy ’.

Recorded remotely in their individual home studios during the pandemic. Mcrackins blasted through the process of writing and recording this album old school with its completion in only a few weeks. Using long time producer Todd Stefanson to compile and mix the tracks at ‘The Rock Pitt’ (British Columbia, Canada) and Justin Perkins known for mastering Replacements, The Gaslight Anthem, Screeching Weasel, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Bash & Pop and more from Mystery Room Mastering (Wisconsin, USA) to master.

Clocking in at 23 minutes and 31 seconds, the album will scramble and fry your brain with classic Mcrackins earworms from all sides.
Mcrackins have remained active the past several years including co-headlining Punk Rock Raduno (Bergamo, Italy), in 2019 with ‘The Avengers’, ‘Pansy Division’ & others. This performance resulted in their 4th live album ‘Eggs ALIVE! in Italy’, which was released simultaneously worldwide on Mom’s Basement Records (USA), Monster Zero (Austria), Endless Detention (Australia), Council Pop (United Kingdom), Punk Rock Raduno (Italy) and Mcrackins Records (Canada). They have released new 7-inch records, vinyl reissues, a coffee line and relaunched an extensive merch store.


A1 – Annabelle
A2 – Lockdown Lonely
A3 – Back In The Day
A4 – Gladiator
A5 – Up To 11
A6 – L.A.M.P.
B1 – Wake The Fun Up
B2 – I Hate It
B3 – Same As It Ever Was
B4 – Shit Just Got Real
B5 – Bubba Gub