Parasites – Retro-Pop Remasters – LP


Parasites borrow from an era in which it wasn’t fashionable to sing about heartache and love lost all the while accompanied by snotty vocals and three-chord melodies. The beauty with Parasites is in the surface-simplicity. They never treaded new ground or wrote amazingly complex compositions. However they took what they loved out of Ramones-esque love songs and added their own sharp biting flavor to the mix.

I apologise about the price on this one.

A1 – When I’m Here With You
A2 – Ronnie Is A Psycho
A3 – Refuge
A4 – You’re Gonna Miss Me
A5 – Crazy
A6 – Run Away
A7 – Hang Up
A8 – Something To Hold Onto
B1 – Top Secret
B2 – Telling Lies
B3 – Young And Stupid
B4 – Waiting Game
B5 – Never Giving Up On You
B6 – Someday
B7 – Letdown