Radio Rejects – Too Punk For Heaven, Not Punk Enough For Hell – LP


Wollongong’s Radio Rejects debut album, Too Punk For Heaven, Not Punk Enough For Hell, super limited and on a killer looking pink vinyl! Each vinyl comes with a CD version included.

Artwork by the one and only, Katsunori Ono, Ono-ching from the legendary, Jet Boys!

Stoked to help distribute this! All proceeds go straight to Radio Rejects!

***Please note this is a very limited, short run pressing.***

A1 – SK8r Dad
A2 – Biff Tannen
A3 – Shermer, Illinois
A4 – Scream Queen
A5 – Hipster-pocalpyse
A6 – Waiting and Watching
A7 – Craig From Batfoot! Has A Crush On Me
B1 – That Guy
B2 – Monsters
B3 – More Than A Game
B4 – The Greatest
B5 – Clone Wars
B6 – I May Be Straight Edge, But im Totally Addicted To You