Raging Nathans – Oppositional Defiance – LP


“Oppositional Defiance” is the third full length album from the Raging Nathans. This record marks a distinct milestone in songwriting for the band in terms of lyrics, subject matter and music. With this being their first album as a four piece, the Raging Nathans stay true to form in terms of the fast-paced melodic style that they are known for, yet “Oppositional Defiance” branches out into new territory for the band. Recorded by matt yonker (less than jake, teen idols), the drumming is tighter; there are more guitar driven songs, tone-setting leads, solos and emotive vocal harmonies.


A1 Tragedy Ghouls: An Introduction
A2 One Day Closer (To Death)
A3 Where Ya Been?
A4 Don’t Miss The Train
A5 Parole Violation
A6 Signals
B1 Outside
B2 You Are Not Me
B3 Big Mouth
B4 Stargazing
B5 Old Blood
B6 Spoiled Brat