Raging Nathans – Waste My Heart – LP


Barely a year after the release of ‘Oppositional Defiance’ and splits with Dead Bars, The Reaganomics and Starter Jackets, Dayton, OH’s Raging Nathans are already at it again with ‘Waste My Heart’. If that makes you worry that they are going for quantity over quality, then rest assured. The band’s new full-length is every bit as strong as ‘Oppositional Defiance’. Which already saw this four-piece taking a big step forward in terms of songwriting compared to 2018’s ‘Cheap Fame’. Which already was a badass album to start with.

A1 – Waste My Heart
A2 – Freedom
A3 – I Could Never Fall In Love With You
A4 – Wide Awake
A5 – Out Of Touch
A6 – Remember
B1 – Cemetery Drive
B2 – Overworked
B3 – Tempus Fuck It
B4 – New Direction
B5 – Shadow Of Youth
B6 – Beginning Of The End