Sold Out!

The Reekys – Self Titled – LP


In 2005, The Reekys recorded a full-length album that never saw the light of day…until now! For its 100th release, Bachelor Records’ has finally issued this “lost” debut album from The Reekys. And given the current status of Ramonescore as a thriving genre of music, perhaps this was the perfect time for a Reekys LP to come out. As it should be, this album makes no attempt to stray from the Ramones blueprint of simple and stupid punk rock. 9 of 14 tracks clock in at under two minutes, with lyrics addressing the big issues like girls, wrestling, and being an idiot. This is Ramonescore by the book!

A1 – Theme From The Reekys
A2 – I Didn’t Get Invited To Her Party
A3 – Teenage Retard
A4 – Bam Bam Bigelow
A5 – Sweet Little You
A6 – I Wanna Be A Sumo Wrestler
A7 – Out – You’re Out
B1 – Monkey Boy
B2 – She’s My Girl From The KGB
B3 – That Thing She’s Got
B4 – 327 Impala Let’s Go
B5 – King Of The Surf
B6 – I Don’t Wanna Leave The Sidewalk
B7 – I Can’t Stop Thinking About You