Riccobellis – Battlestar Galactica – LP


Punk rock veterans, Riccobellis from Brescia, Italy are back with their third full-length! An album full of catchy Ramonescore. 14 tracks with classic themes like lost loves, addiction, science-fiction, horror, anxiety and more stuff that Ramones would also sing about.

A1 – Battlestar Galactica
A2 – Crazy Molly
A3 – Murder On Avenue A
A4 – Lost In Tokyo
A5 – Drunk & Drugs
A6 – I Know What You Did Last Summer
A7 – Forever Holiday
B1 – I Remember You
B2 – Without You
B3 – I Don’t Wanna Go In A Psycho Therapy
B4 – The Night Of The Living Dead
B5 – Alone Tonight
B6 – You’re The Reason
B7 – Born To Die In Berlin