School Damage – Critical Excess – LP


On their third full-length album, Toronto’s School Damage again toe the line between pop punk and hardcore. Lyrically the songs are more personal and darker which seem fitting in today’s economic and social climate. This album serves as a bi-product of the times as well as personal growth during a social and mental collapse.

A1 – Debt Bed
A2 – No Love
A3 – Critical Excess
A4 – Complacency
A5 – Some People Actually Like Their Jobs
A6 – Fall To Pieces
A7 – If You Lived In Hell You’d Be Home By Now
B1 – Detoxify Me
B2 – Serotonin Party Massacre
B3 – The Burnout
B4 – Everything I Do I Do It For You
B5 – Guts Are Gone
B6 – Sweet Grief