Screeching Weasel – The Awful Disclosures Of Screeching Weasel – LP


Screeching Weasel’s fourteenth studio album, The Awful Disclosures Of Screeching Weasel, the band is back in full punk strength. You can hear it right from the opening track, as the kick in the face of “Six Ways To Sunday” has plenty of fast paced guitar and Weasel’s signature pumped snotty vocals. It is the same “raise a fist in the air” sound the band has been playing for 35 years. The new record is filled with themes of death, the apocalypse and madness which are subject matter that are only penned with experience but when paired with consistent melodies and charged hooks, all the tracks turn into a timeless sounding Screeching Weasel.

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A1 – Six Ways To Sunday
A2 – Any Minute Now
A3 – In La Quinta Del Sordo
A4 – My Favorite Nightmare
A5 – Just Another Fool
A6 – In The Castle
A7 – Kill To Cure
B1 – All Stitched Up
B2 – Pandora’s Eyes
B3 – Dead Alive
B4 – Gates Lift High Your Heads
B5 – Hey Diana
B6 – How Art Thou Fallen
B7 – Tell Me Your Lies