Senzabenza – Live @ Punk Rock Raduno – LP


The legendary Senzabenza from Italy had the vinyl treatment for their set at the festival in 2019. Don’t miss out on this incredible live album!

A1 – Zuma’s Tree
A2 – You Are A Riot Girl
A3 – Gigius
A4 – See The Light
A5 – The Daughter Of Wanna Marchi
A6 – Never Really Hurts
A7 – Pop From Hell
A8 – Back In The USSR
A9 – Intro Rocky Horror
A10 – Stop Crying
B1 – The Curse Of The Ramones
B2 – A Different Model Of Underwear
B3 – These Tears May Belong To Your Eyes
B4 – Syd Barrett Appreciation Society
B5 – London Town
B6 – The Boyz Nex’ Door
B7 – Holiday With The Band
B8 – A Great Big World
B9 – Minor Threat
B10 – Ti Saluto