*** PRE-ORDER *** The Shivvies – Punk Boys – LP


The Shivvies sophomore album is finally here! After a perfect debut release we’ve all been hanging for this one! Check out their 10 inch which is also being released at the same time!

Thanks to the legends at Shield for making this one possible!!!

Pressing Info:
200 x White vinyl
300 x Blue vinyl


1. Fighting Chance
2. Runaway Girl
3. No Can Do
4. Moped
5. Rainbow
6. Nobody Cares About Me
7. Graveyard
8. Punk Boys
9. I Don’t Just Wanna Have Fun (this will be the 1st single on may 1st).
10. Weapon Of Mass Destruction
11. Party All Night
12. Outer Space
13. SM 046
14. Crying All The Way Home