Sold Out!

The Skullingtons – En – LP


6 years in the making, it’s finally here! The first release by the H√łnefoss based Norwegian pop punk rockers The Skullingtons. 14 blisteringly fast and sugar sweet punk rock songs in less than 27 minutes. Songs about the eternal themes of heartbreak, stalking the love of your life, the zombie apocalypse, being mentally challenged and sausage fests.

A1 – S.K.U.L.L.I.N.G.T.O.N.S
A2 – Phantom Limb
A3 – Jenna Is A Necrophiliac
A4 – She Could Be The One
A5 – No Spark
A6 – Mentally Challenged
A7 – I.D.W.G.O.T.M.T
B1 – Highschool Of The Dead
B2 – Restraining Order
B3 – Cali Nova
B4 – Forgetting You
B5 – Sausage Fest
B6 – You’re Not The One
B7 – Red Son Of Russia