Sold Out!

So-Cho Pistons – Knuckleheads – LP


Hiroshima’s punkrock veterans So-Cho Pistons are back with a brand new full-length! For 25 years now, these ultra-fast Ramones punx have been taking no prisoners. Uncompromising melodies over a 16th machine-gun beat. Mixed and mastered by Bice from Even In Blackouts. Ain’t no stopping the tomodachi from hopping!

A1 – No Way
A2 – Don’t Be A Liar
A3 – I Love Fifi
A4 – Rise Up
A5 – Teo Nobase (Raise Your Hand)
A6 – One Rocket
A7 – Ka-Ta-Na
A8 – No
A9 – To Dancing
B1 – Tou Senbo
B2 – Face Of Fake
B3 – Ame No Naka (In The Rain)
B4 – All Right
B5 – Sora Takaku (Sky High)
B6 – One Nite
B7 – Piston The Bop
B8 – Ready Steady Go
B9 – Happy Birthday