Sweatpants Party – Self Titled – LP


Press play on Sweatpants Party and it won’t take long before you’ll notice how Kevin Aper’s hands are all over this record. The self-titled debut of Sweatpants Party is a stay-at-home couch party of top notch pop punk, strong melodies, funny lyrics, take-out food, crisps and video games. Get all over this! It’s killer!

A1 – Ikea
A2 – Gimme Gimme Wok Treatment
A3 – Happy Heart
A4 – Fuckin’ Useless
A5 – I Will Never Drink Again
A6 – Never Leave You
B1 – Elevator
B2 – Wasting No More Tears
B3 – Super Disappointed
B4 – Weird Brain
B5 – Nibb-it Party
B6 – Luigi / Mario