*** PRE-ORDER *** The 20Belows – Headaches & Moodswings – LP


You’re looking at a reissue of the debut album of Denmark’s finest, The 20Belows. Originally released in 2006 by Whoa Oh Records on CD only, Stardumb and Whoa Oh are excited to finally get this out to the world on vinyl. With all new artwork to boot! Anyone familiar with the band knows they can write a bouncy and catchy pop punk tune like no other, often with a layer of melancholy attached to it, to hit you from various angles. The 13 songs presented here include fan favorites like ‘Message’, ‘My Very Best’, and ‘Look Out Below’, so crank up the volume and party with us like it’s 2006!

Pressing info:
150 x Moodswing Green Vinyl
150 x Black Vinyl


1. Message
2. This Boy’s Giving Up
3. Shiny Little Hearts
4. My Very Best
5. A Turn For The Worse
6. Goodnight Louise
7. One More Round
8. Look Out Below
9. Up & Down
10. Leaving You
11. Down Again
12. The Happy Songs
13. Someday, Somewhere