Sold Out!

The Blendours – No Respect – LP


At long last, the Blendours have delivered. It was worth the wait. A full band, distorted homage to the Ramones, the Beatles, the Dickies, and the Everly Brothers, with a sonic tip of the hat to 90s garage greats like the Rip Offs and the Drags. 18 tracks long, with a bonus EP CD insert and a digital download of a long-lost full band album recorded in 2014… it’s what we’ve all been waiting for, and better than we could ever have imagined.

A1 – You Can’t Win
A2 – Spend My Time
A3 – Leave The Girl
A4 – Wind Me Up
A5 – Save Your World
A6 – Bug
A7 – I Know Your Game
A8 – Stay Home
A9 – Doin It Again
B1 – Not My Problem
B2 – Sweetest Girl In Town
B3 – Most Of The Time
B4 – Cant Trust That Girl
B5 – What To Say To You
B6 – Son Of A Gun
B7 – Not The Boy
B8 – Metal Rebel
B9 – Made It To The Moon