The Hextalls – Get Smashed – LP


The Hextalls sound like the Ramones, but not as good! Do they have songs about videogames? Check! Do they namedrop characters from the Pop Punk Message Board? Check! Autotuning up there with the Copyrights? Check! How can you go wrong?!

A1 – I’m A Recluse!
A2 – My Dad Vs. Shania Twain
A3 – Pacman
A4 – I Met Her At The Ropetow
A5 – Rally
A6 – I Don’t Wanna Be A New York Ranger
A7 – The Final Countdown II
A8 – Generic Mid-Record Power Ballad
A9 – My Xbox Got The Red Ring Of Death
B1 – I’m An Alcoholic!
B2 – Diaper Change
B3 – We’re The Castle Crashers
B4 – Bryan Adams
B5 – Tina Turner
B6 – Kristine
B7 – Mark Wilson
B8 – I’m Hiding Your Car Keys In The Garbage
B9 – I Don’t Wanna Be An 8-Bit Ranger