Sold Out!

The Lillingtons – Technically Unsound – 2 x LP



The legendary Clearview Records has pressed Technically Unsound by the mightly Lillingtons to vinyl with brand new artwork and variants.
We’re super lucky to get any of these in so I’m stoked to have a small handful of them!

This is a double LP, one records is translucent yellow, and the other is translucent purple. They look and sound great!

Check it out below!


Live At The Jam Room
A1 Reform School
A2 Homecoming Queen
A3 Johnny
A4 Saturday Night
A5 I Don’t Think She Cares
A6 Lillington High
A7 Ramble On
A8 Nowhere Fast
A9 Oh Boy
A10 Kevin is a Lunatic
A11 I Got Abducted by U.F.O.
A12 Stupid World
Nothing Cool Split 12″
B1 Nowhere Fast
B2 Alien Girl
B3 Teenage Asshole
B4 Wrap Around Her Little Finger
B5 Homecoming Queen
B6 For the Fun of It
Jam Room Demos
C1 Another 10 Hours
C2 If I Had a Dollar
C3 Blitzkrieg Bop
C4 Stupid World
C5 Brain Damage
C6 If I Could See Into Your Head
C7 When the Clock Strikes 2
I Lost My Marbles 7″ / Lillington High 7″
D1 Johnny
D2 Saturday Night
D3 I Lost My Marbles
D4 The Day I Went Away
D5 Smart Ass
D6 Lillington High
D7 Day Off
D8 I Don’t Think She Cares