The Manges – All Is Well – LP


The Manges “All Is Well” LP reissue, yellow vinyl on Badman Records.

Produced by HervĂ© Peroncini (The Peawees), includes the hits “I Tried To Die Young”, “Plan Honolulu”, “Panic At The Ice Rink”, “Lone Commando (All Is Well)”.


A1 – Crocodile In My Head
A2 – My Bad
A3 – Plan Honolulu
A4 – Love Is A Disease
A5 – Panic At The Ice Rink
A6 – Dont Screw Up The Formula
B1 – Don’t Bet On Me
B2 – I Tried To Die Young
B3 – Topolinia
B4 – Secret Agent Super Dragon
B5 – I Just Wanna Make You Cry
B6 – Lone Commando (All Is Well)