The Manges – Punk Rock Addio – LP


After 27 years of four-chord fury, bad juju and fast, stickier-than-glue hooks, the original Ramonescore revivalists have only rocketed in power, passion and speed. They don’t ask much from their audience—just 24 minutes to transport you into a bizarre, sugar-laced underworld where the rapid-fire drum beat and chainsaw guitar reigns supreme. Doesn’t it feel comforting to know that—just like your teenage leather jacket—The Manges just get better with wear?

A1 – Next To Zero
A2 – Vietnam Addio
A3 – Endless Detention
A4 – Paninaro
A5 – Ice Capades
A6 – Chinese Dragons
B1 – Viper Room
B2 – Tootsie Rolls
B3 – North Korea
B4 – Take It On The Chin
B5 – L.E.N.D.O.R.M.I.N.
B6 – Off My Tree