Sold Out!

The Shivvies – Self Titled – LP


Excited about this one! The Shivvies from Rotterdam, heavily influenced by Ramones, Riverdales, Huntingtons, & The Queers. Featuring members of Windowsill, Giant Eagles, The Apers, and The Real Danger.

This perfect debut full length is going to be available in 3 colours, black, translucent red, and translucent blue from the amazing Shield Recordings.

Also available from Shield Recordings over in Europe!

A1 – Goodnight Baby
A2 – Phone Booth
A3 – Snitch
A4 – Freak Out
A5 – Creepy Vibes
A6 – How I Feel
A7 – Chemicals
B1 – That Girl
B2 – Dizzy
B3 – Have My Heart
B4 – Dimwit
B6 – Crocodile
B7 – Esperanza