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Various Artists – God Save The Queers – LP


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Queers, Insipid Records in partnership with Council-Pop Records and Mom’s Cellar Dwellers has released this celebration of their music. 23 band present to you classic Queers songs taken from all eras of the band. Song selections represent material from the beginning of the band, up to their latest release. Fans of the Queers new and old are going to love this album. It will become a “must have” in all Queers collections.

Side A
Saturday Night Karaoke – Love Love Love
The 20 Belows – Something in my Heart
The Atoms – Strangle the Girl
The Manges – Cut it Dude
The Priceduifkes – I’m OK, You’re Fucked
The Wimpy’s – I Met Her at the Rat
Latte+ – Born to do Dishes
The Radio Buzzkills – Bonehead
Flanders 72 – Houston We Have a Problem
The Putz – Definitely
Spot Mcrackin – Fucked in the Head
Shackleford – The Sun Always Shines Around You

Side B
The Tarleks – Janelle Janelle
Mugwumps – Teenage Bonehead
The Hum Hums – I Never Got the Girl
Skimmer – I Don’t Want You Hanging Around
The Follow Ups – See You Later Fuckface
The Young Rockelles – Psycho Over You
Randells – Surf Goddess
The Prozacs – Yeah, Well, Whatever
The Hawaiians – I Don’t Get It
The Jasons – Tit Fuck
The Yodees – Brian Wilson