Sold Out!

The Vapids – The Point Remains The Same – LP


This reissue of The Point Remains The Same is buzzing with 15 tracks of fast, snarky punk rock that you can sing along to and the album is considered among die hard Vapids fans to be one of their best.

A1 – Sign Language
A2 – Dead Letter Department
A3 – 9.18 Ft. Lee Va. 1952
A4 – The Princeton Ferry
A5 – I Want Out
A6 – Buzzard Luck
A7 – Bluefields And Foulmouths
A8 – Why Is It Up To Me
A9 – Human Zoo
B1 – Touched By An Angel
B2 – Got Me On A Leash
B3 – Endless Run
B4 – Parents In Heat
B5 – Life On Mars
B6 – God Bless The Internet
B7 – Hazzard County
B8 – Blueprints For The Future
B9 – The Point Remains The Same