Sold Out!

VonErichs – First Blood Match – LP


The VonErichs literally came out of nowhere and did a run-in on the pop punk community. Just like many of their heroes, the band hails from parts unknown which adds to the mystery of this debut album released on Mom’s Basement Records. The VonErichs have many tricks up their sleeves and do not rely on just one finishing maneuver. Elements of 90’s Lookout style pop punk, Ramonescore, and classic punk rock are present throughout. This stable might be new to the scene but I suspect we are dealing with some veterans. You best read on so you know how to prepare in the event you find yourself face to face with the VonErichs in the squared circle sometime soon.

A1 – Runnin’ Wild (Ft El Tsunami)
A2 – Excellence Of Execution
A3 – Smasher Gave Me The Ax (When Crush Started Coming Around)
A4 – Repo Man
A5 – Cocaine
A6 – Kamala Ate My Baby (Ft The Beatnik Bruiser)
B1 – Texas Tornado
B2 – Figure Four
B3 – Elizabeth (Ft Ms. Lorraina)
B4 – Ghetto Blaster
B5 – You Broke My Neidhart (Ft The High School Rocker)
B6 – Ring Rat
B7 – Horsemen Never Die