The Yoohoos – Up Goes The Rocket – LP


After a decade-plus of existence, The Yoohoos launch out of Germany with their debut full length Up Goes The Rocket. This ridiculously-named threesome (Eggnog, Vanilla, and Koko B.) do the pop punk thing fantastically, sounding like an even more sugary Groovie Ghoulies.

A1 – Hello!
A2 – Up Goes the Rocket
A3 – Love Disposal Service
A4 – Decisions
A5 – Planet Heart
A6 – Bizarre Love Triangle
B1 – Rusty Robot
B2 – Spread The Magic
B3 – Rainy Cloud
B4 – Little Alien
B5 – Heart On
B6 – Spaceboy
B7 – Cuddle All The Kittens